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Bosch Car Service – Accident guide

What equipment should you have on-board in the event of a car accident?

To be at fault or not - an accident can happen to any motorist. You must think of some essential details and tools before you start your trip, so as to act properly in an emergency: In this regard, for example a reflective vest must be taken along in many countries, so that you and your passengers are identified early by the following road users at the scene of the accident. Therefore, it is advisable to keep such a vest ready for all occupants in your vehicle. It is mandatory to always carry both a warning triangle and a first-aid kit in your car. Caution: The first-aid kits have a date of expiry and they must be replaced thereafter. Therefore, check this once in a while.

safety vest

Other useful things to be taken along:

• Insurance card

• Flashlight

• Mobile phone with camera

• Forms for accident reports

• List with police and emergency numbers

What should you immediately do after an accident?

Wherever there is an accident: Prudent behavior at the scene is the name of the game to optimally protect yourselves and all other road users. Therefore, you must remain calm as in any other emergency. If your car is still roadworthy, switch on the emergency flashers and immediately maneuver it to a safe place where it does not impede the flow of traffic. A breakdown bay on the road is as suitable as the shoulder on the highway for this.

warning triangle

Caution: Leave your car whenever possible on the side facing away from the side of the road and wear the safety vest immediately. Ensure that all passengers follow these basic rules. You should never let, in particular, children to get out by themselves and also exercise special care for dogs. Then, proceed immediately to a safe place (e.g. behind a guardrail), so as not to get in the way of the flow of traffic or be hit by it. To secure the scene of the accident, place a warning triangle on the side of the road about 100 to 150 strides behind the scene of an accident to draw the attention of the following road users.

What is important in securing the scene of an accident?

What needs to be specifically done at the scene of the accident following the first safety measures depends on the type and seriousness of the traffic accident. There are no hard and fast rules, but at least a couple of tips to be followed: Not all countries require immediate notification of a minor damage to the police, such as a dent while parking or driving out of the parking space. However, you must do this, especially in case of accidents abroad. You should also ask any witnesses present, to stay until the police arrive at the scene or to provide their personal information. If you get help, you describe the scene in as much detail as possible to the emergency services: Type of accident, number of injured persons and the number and direction of travel on the respective national highway or freeway where the accident happened. An important clue on freeways is also offered by the kilometers marked on the small blue signs at the roadside (in Germany).

SOS call

Please observe the following: In case of accidents with personal injury, first aid must always be provided! This must be done at least until the rescue teams have arrived at the accident site.

Always remember to take a cell phone along. It can save lives, because emergency telephones are not available nationwide in all countries.

How should you properly deal with emergency vehicles in the event of an accident?

Increased attention of all road users is required so that police and rescue vehicles can quickly reach the scene of the accident in case of an emergency. Therefore, if you notice an emergency vehicle with flashing lights and siren, then try to re-orient yourself for the time being: Where are the signals coming from, in which direction are the emergency vehicles moving and how many of them are there? As soon as the emergency workforce approaches, always move right to the single-lane roadways on the shoulder, so as to form a rescue lane. The same applies to two or multi-lane roadways, with the difference that the vehicles in the left lane move to the left and all other road users to the right.


In the case of a red traffic light you may also drive carefully and slowly over the stop line if the traffic allows it. This is the only way you can actually make way for the workers. Caution: Always turn on the flasher, act prudently and also show consideration to pedestrians and bicycle or motorcycle riders.

What rights do you have after an accident with your car?

You are involved in an accident with your car. And what next? The claims that you can assert to the parties after a car accident significantly depend on the circumstances of the accident, the question of guilt and the respectively existing insurance coverage. This is precisely the reason why it is necessary to first gather all vehicle and personal data and all of the relevant facts about the accident for securing evidence. This supports either the police, who were summoned to the accident site, or helps in the preparation of the accident report that was stowed away in the glove compartment. This can then be submitted either to your liability insurance company or the automobile liability insurance company of the persons involved in the car accident, in view of settling the damage incurred or caused.

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