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Bosch Car Service - "Safe travel" guide

What are the technical requirements for safe driving by car that should be checked regularly?

A clear view through the windshield, properly adjusted headlights, tested tire quality and perfectly working brakes and shock absorbers: To be able to drive your car safely on the road at any time of the year, you should regularly check some basic and technical details of your vehicle. Only in this way can you drive with maximum safety on the road at any time.


The wipers often neglected, but very important for safe driving. Many motorists only replace them or the wiper blades usually when nothing really works. Just the smallest streaks on the windshield can severely impair your vision and you will experience a glaring effect by the incident scattered light. Factors that may pose a real safety hazard, especially when driving by car at night.

The significance of air conditioning is often underestimated in terms of road safety. Both concentration and responsiveness of the motorist can drop significantly in an overheated vehicle. However, an air conditioner in working condition also supports the rapid drying of fogged windows, thus contributing to an optimum view of the road. Get your air conditioner regularly checked for proper working condition, for example Bosch Car Service.

Our tip for your safety:

Checking is always better just to make sure. These and many other services are available from your Bosch Car Service.

• Tire check (pressure, tread depth and wear patterns and tire replacement)

• Verification of brake components and brake fluid

• Shock absorber test

• Functional testing of the air conditioner

• Changing the compartment filter

• Functional testing and replacement of wiper blades

• Light- and visual test, incl. filling or refilling the spare lamps box

How do you stay fit and focused at all times while driving?

Even though driving modern vehicles may be very comfortable, driving a car really safely is subject to high physical and mental requirements. Therefore, get behind the wheel only if you have taken good rest and are relaxed - even if you intend to go on only a short drive. Important: Pay attention well in advance to the classic fatigue symptoms such as heavy eyelids, burning eyes or dry mouth.


Take frequent breaks on long journeys, e.g. when driving on vacation. A safe drive requires a break every 2 hours or every 200 kilometers during which you should also do a few stretching exercises in fresh air. Likewise, you should be adequately hydrated and take light and vitamin-rich food before or during the trip. This is because heavy and sumptuous meals can lead to fatigue and lack of concentration.

Any distraction while driving is an additional risk factor and puts your safety on the road at risk. In particular, you should avoid using mobile phones, tablets and other mobile gadgets during your trip by car, so as to steer your vehicle as safe as possible through the traffic.

How do you drive your car comfortably and safely on the highway?

A safe trip by car starts at the driveway to the highway. Orient yourself early on: How long is the acceleration lane and where is a gap to safely fit into the flow of traffic? If possible, use the entire approach road to accelerate and flash only when you want to actually merge with the traffic. Make sure that the traffic behind you has recognized you by glancing over your shoulder and looking in the rear-view mirror and whether the gap detected by you is actually free.


Once you are on the highway, remain on the right lane as far as possible, unless you want to overtake a vehicle traveling ahead. Maintain sufficient distance to the vehicle ahead - the rule of thumb: The difference in meters measured should be half the value of your speedometer display (e.g. 50 m distance at 100 km/h). Always glance over your shoulder when overtaking for your own safety to identify those vehicles that are in the "blind spot" at any time. Due care and attention are needed, especially in the construction area: Again, driving your car on the right lane is usually the safest.

Our tip for your safety: Always leave your traffic radio turned on during the entire drive. This gives round-the-clock and reliable information about possible traffic jams, wrong-way drivers and other sources of danger on the road.

What must you consider whilst driving on rural roads in terms of safety?

Be very careful when overtaking, especially on highways. Many motorists often underestimate the time required as well as the distance to be traversed. Therefore, overtake only if you can view the complete road far enough and exclude any hazard. This is because you need an average of at least 600 meters to safely drive past a truck with your car.

rural road

Other hazards include those who turn left on streets, where no separate turning lane exists, and slow road users such as tractors or mopeds. In heavily forested areas, you should also always expect wild animals crossing - even if there are no warning signs.

Adjust your driving behavior always to the weather on all roads to protect your passengers and all other road users against risks such as aquaplaning, icy highway or fall foliage as far as possible.

Even if there is no legal obligation for daytime running lights in all countries, turning them on in such situations does ensure your safety on the road with your car. This is how you will be detected considerably better by other road users.

As a motorist, how do you get through city traffic as safely as possible?

Lots of traffic in a confined space requires a lot of attention: Especially if you are rarely drive in the traffic of a big city, you are much more frequently confronted with unfamiliar situations than experienced motorists. One of the special challenges includes, in particular, multi-lane roundabouts. It may be useful here in case of heavy traffic to maintain eye contact with the other motorists and, if necessary, to pay attention to their hands. But beware: All of this, of course, does not protect against any misunderstandings. Therefore, wait for a better opportunity if in doubt and stay relaxed and patient at all times.

city traffic

Cyclists do not always use bicycle paths in cities; they suddenly cut or abruptly turn off without indicating beforehand. Also make sure how the priority is set at traffic lights. This is because you may have to often wait even when the signal is green until the oncoming traffic has crossed the intersection.

It is better to look back one more time at every turn and make sure by glancing over your shoulder whether there is any road user other than you or a cyclist on the bike path is approaching you.

Why is the seat belt so important while driving?

Those, who do not fasten their seat belts in the car, are at risk of serious injuries even at low speed in the event of an accident. Even in a crash at 30 km/h forces act on the body that are similar to those of a fall of four meters height. The seat belt can reduce these effects dramatically. Thus, always ensure that all individuals in the car fasten their seat belts even on short trips.

seat belt

Our tip for your safety: You should also secure animals and objects properly. What is true for people naturally applies also to the other "passengers". Because dogs and cats can be at safety risk just as mobile phones, vanity bags or briefcases at sudden braking. At worst, they become lethal projectiles, who could jeopardize the safety of you and all occupants.

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