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Toothed belt replacement

The tearing of the toothed belt while driving often has very serious consequences. Defective toothed belts are most often the reason for serious engine damage, up to total wreckage. The best protection against this is the timely replacement of the toothed belt. That is why the belt change intervals specified by the manufacturer must be observed above all. In addition, the toothed belt should be checked by an expert regularly. Bosch Car Service checks all the wear parts on the toothed belt drive for ageing and wear. And Bosch replacement kits ensure that the toothed belts and add-on parts such as the tensioning rollers and idler wheels can again reliably provide a synchronous power transmission.

  • Wear check and replacement in all-round service
  • Replacement kits with perfectly matched components
  • Original equipment manufacturer quality for maximum reliability
  • Engine-specific belt construction for long service life

Endurance run at maximum speed

In three out of 4 vehicles, nothing works without the toothed belt. The belt is the connection between the crankshaft and the two camshafts and ensures that the piston position and valve position are always matched completely synchronous with one another. The toothed belt runs along with the engine start, with full speed and must transfer several tons of force. If it fails, the engine does not work. Even a slip of the rubber teeth can lead to the valves striking against the piston. The consequence of this in many cases is serious engine damage involving high repair costs. If the toothed belt breaks while driving, it means, under certain circumstance, even total wreckage of the entire engine. In same vehicle models, the connection between the crankshaft and the camshaft is via a timing chain. But the majority of vehicles rely on the proven power transmission of the toothed belt. as it ensures particularly noiseless and reliable synchronous operation of the valves and piston. But: It is one of the classic wear parts in the car. Regular checks and timely replacement are therefore vital.

Change optimally – Systematically

It is not only the toothed belt that works hard for every kilometre driven. Even the rest of the components in the engine compartment, such as tensioning rollers, idler wheels and guide rollers, and also the water pump operated by the toothed belt are constantly exposed to mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses. That is why it is absolutely important to check and if required, replace all components. The Bosch replacement kits ensure efficient and cost-saving replacement. Components matching the respective engine of all popular vehicles are available at Bosch Car Service:

Replacement of toothed belt – Professional

Depending on the vehicle model, the replacement intervals for the toothed belt vary between 40,000 and 120,000 kilometre mileage. A toothed belt replacement at Bosch Car Service guarantees the best quality in the exchange items and performance of the work. The mechanics are perfectly supported in this by the Bosch Diagnostics software. The software provides information on, among other things, the current version of the manufacturer specifications. The Bosch system also supports the correct installation of the toothed belt and the wear components: with detailed information on the vehicle-specific specifications and on the optimal adjustment values for your engine.

Our Expert Tip

It is not only dependent on the mileage. Even increasing age weighs down heavily on the toothed belt. It is not just the replacement of the toothed belt at the specified intervals that is important. It is equally important to check the toothed belt regularly for ageing and wear. Especially when a vehicle is not used so frequently, the toothed belt should be checked regularly for correct tensioning and wear.

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Is there anything else you would like to know?

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