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Wheel change – fast and reliable

The benefits of wheel change at the right time are two-fold: You drive the whole year round safely with only the right tyres. And rising temperatures in spring not only bring the last snow, but also cause the tread of your winter tyres to "melt". The professional tyre change at your Bosch Car Service guarantees maximum safety even during tyre change.

  • Checking and optimising the tyre pressure
  • Tread and ageing check
  • Professional service during the service life of the tyre: From purchase to disposal

Tread carefully!

Those who drive with worn tyres are risking much more than a fine of 60 Euro and a penalty point in the traffic offenders' register in Flensburg: They endanger themselves and other road users. A minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm over the entire tyre tread is required by law. However, for a safe trip, we strongly discourage you from wearing off the tyres to this minimum. The recommendation of tyre experts: Replace summer tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm at the latest, and winter tyres with a 4 mm tread depth at the latest. The current tread can be checked fast and everywhere. In summer tyres, insert a 1 euro coin into the groove with the lowest tread depth. If the star ring of the coin disappears into the rubber, you are still safely on the way. This method works in the same way with winter tyres - but with a 2 Euro coin.

Change in time

If the first snow falls, changing in time has clearly been missed: The ideal time for changing to winter tyre. When the temperatures drop significantly in late autumn, it gets too cold for the summer tyres. If the thermometer shows only a few degrees above zero in the evenings and the mornings, the rubber compound of the summer tyre is too hard to ensure a secure grip on the road. Winter tyres are superior to summer tyres not only in snow condition, but also in cold weather. Timely change is however also important in spring: When it gets significantly warmer again, the rubber compound of the winter tyres quickly become too hot. The consequence of this is unnecessarily high wear.

Timely change is very simple. Simply follow the "O to E" Rule: From October to Easter it is winter tyre season!

Expensive air

Too little air in the tyres proves expensive and can quickly turn dangerous. If the air pressure is only 0.2 bar lower than the level recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, the fuel consumption increases by two percent. Moreover, too less air pressure shortens the service life of the tyre and impairs the driving properties. The braking distance becomes longer and the side grip slackens when cornering. Anyone who drives with significantly low air pressure, also risks tyre damage. At high speeds, the inside of an insufficiently inflated tyre quickly becomes very hot. However, even too much air can quickly become dangerous: The tyre rolls only in the centre. Whereby the braking distance also increases. Those who check tyre pressure every two weeks, drive economically and safely. You can find the correct value according to the vehicle model on a sticker in the glove compartment, the door pillar, in the tank flap or in the instruction manual of the car. It is particularly important to check air pressure before driving with heavy luggage. And of course, after that the air pressure must again be adjusted to "normal load".

Our Expert Tip

The tread is not everything! Even tyres with adequate tread get worse with time. The reason for this: The rubber ages, even if you are not driving your vehicle at all. All tyres should be replaced every 4 years, at the latest. The actual age of your tyres is revealed by the DOT number printed on them. The last two digits of the four-digit number indicate the year of manufacture and the first two digits indicate the respective week. For example, the digits 3510 stand for 35th week in the year 2010.

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Is there anything else you would like to know?

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at: We look forward to hearing from you.