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Two-time winner: Car drivers have confidence in batteries from Bosch

Two-time winner: Car drivers have confidence in batteries from Bosch

Readers of the "AutoBild" and "auto motor und sport" magazines once again voted for Bosch as favorite brand in 2013. Bosch even enjoyed double success in the "Battery" category.

Quality products at Bosch Car Service: Batteries

Car batteries from Bosch – the driving force

Modern vehicles are fitted with all sorts of new technology such as driving safety systems and thus require far more power than in the past. Conventional power sources soon reach their limits. Would you have known? One in three breakdowns is the result of a defective starter battery. The experts at Bosch Car Service workshops are only too aware of the fact that the cheapest alternative is not always the best choice. Certain vehicles even need special batteries such as the S5 EFB and S6 AGM start/stop models from Bosch, which provide far more power – even after a high number of charging cycles and in any weather conditions.

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Battery technology from Bosch – optimum power to suit all requirements

At our workshops, everybody invests plenty of energy in their everyday work to make sure your car is back on the road as soon as possible. Which is why we at Bosch Car Service rely on the innovative technology and top quality standards offered by Bosch batteries. They were all developed specifically to meet the requirements of different types of vehicle and so ensure your car always has plenty of power available – to say nothing of the highest possible levels of quality, safety and reliability.

AGM Batteries: innovative advance technology for your comfort

The AGM Technology (Absorbent Glass Matt) belongs to the top technologies for Batteries which we are able to offer in the market.
This Battery is engineered to sustain tough conditions and most importantly provides maximum comfort.
The AGM Battery meets by any means the toughest requirements. This is a must for start-stop systems with brake energy recuperation.
The AGM Battery is the perfect fit for vehicle with various electrical consumers.
The AGM Battery is the right product to choose if you are looking for comfort, long endurance and advanced technology for a long service life.


Long Service Life

  • Optimal grid structure
  • Optimal plate structure
  • Maximum protection against grid corrosion

Reliable Starting Power

  • Advanced current flow of grid
  • Optimum grid geometry

High Resistance

  • High environmental resistance
  • Outstanding aesthetic
  • Stable design structure

S5 with EFB technology – for cars with start/stop system

EFBFeatures and benefits

Charge Acceptance: New processing techniques and new negative plate additives have increased the rate at which these batteries can be charged.

High Rate Partial State of Charge Cycling: Negative plate additives, optimised pasting and curing techniques result in a battery ideally suited for start / stop cycling.

Deep Cycle Applications: Robust design and the addition of a membrane to both positive and negative plates results in a battery that is more able to withstand ongoing discharging and recharging and has twice the cycle life of standard flooded automotive batteries under start / stop conditions

High Cranking Power: The fully framed grids, additives and advanced processing techniques maximise the cranking power of this range.

Recycling: The new EFB range is fully recyclable.

Environmental Sustainability: The EFB range lasts longer than conventional flooded lead-acid batteries and therefore require less frequent replacement, saving energy, resources and emissions during manufacture

Factory Sealed - Never add Water: Under normal operating conditions this battery will not require topping up during its cycle life.

Suitable for all passenger vehicles.

  • Stop / start capable.
  • Warranty: The EFB range carries a 2 year nationwide warranty in South Africa for automotive applications.

C3 and C7 battery chargers - full power at the touch of a button

At low winter temperatures, cars require far more energy than when it is above freezing. At the same time cold starting puts a tremendous strain on the battery. If the vehicle is also fitted with a wide range of convenience functions and the battery is drained by a lot of short journeys it is important to think about re-charging in good time. This is best done by simply connecting a C3 or C7 charger from Bosch to your car battery and starting the charging process. Both models permit safe and simple charging at the touch of a button.

The C3 is intended for the automatic, quick and safe charging of smaller car, motor-scooter or moped batteries, whilst the C7 can even be used for the heavy-duty starter batteries of transporters, mobile homes or powerful motorcycles. With a current rating of 7 A it is the ideal solution for large 12 and 24 V batteries.

Battery chargers The advantages at a glance:

  • Simple charging and maintenance of voltage levels for all types of lead-acid battery
  • Self-monitoring thanks to innovative safety concept
  • Memory function for storing last setting
  • Sturdy and reliable with dust and splashwater protection (IP 65)
  • Ergonomic design and particularly easy to use

Accessories from Bosch – everything you need for checking and replacing car batteries

Bottom rail adapter Bosch Car Service has a comprehensive range of top quality Bosch accessories to help you connect, replace or check your car battery the convenient and professional way. Our experts will also be pleased to do this work for you.

We recommend: Bosch Car Service battery check

You can have your battery regularly checked and replaced if necessary by the experts at our automotive workshops. The advantage is clear to see: It is far better to spend a few minutes with us than to have to wait by the roadside for a breakdown service to arrive.

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Important information and valuable advice

Battery guide

Battery guide

Have you any idea about the current state of your battery? Most drivers probably do not give it a thought until they have a breakdown or their vehicle refuses to start. The Bosch Car Service Battery Guide explains all you need to know to make sure this never happens. It contains valuable advice on how to give your battery a helping hand if you are having trouble starting and how you can extend its service life.

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The experts from Bosch Car Service are fully equipped to deal with the latest automotive technology in vehicles of all makes and keep them in perfect working order. And so your car is always in the best possible hands when you take it to Bosch Car Service for maintenance and repair.

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