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Workshop Finder

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100th Anniversary of Bosch Car Service!

100th Anniversary of Bosch Car Service!

From the first Bosch Service opened in Hamburg in 1921 to a global network of more than 15,000 services in 150 countries... Our quality and experience are built on 100 years of heritage. We have a 100-year of history to provide a great future. Welcome to your world-class workshop next door!

Guides from Bosch Car Service

Our advise for you

We want that you are safe on the road with your vehicle. There are always new situations that challenge car drivers. Here the guides from Bosch Car Service offer support. You can find helpful hints and provide comprehensive information about current topics around the vehicle. Quick and clear - that you are perfectly prepared when it matters.

Holiday guide

Holiday Guide

Holiday and relaxation at long last! But while the whole family takes it easy, your car is heading for a tough time. Our Holiday Guide contains important information and useful advice to ensure your vehicle does not let you down and everybody gets to their destination safely.

Mechanic performing vehicle inspection

Inspection and maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is the only way of detecting any problems in good time and having them expertly repaired. Bosch Car Service offers a comprehensive package – from a lighting check right through to brake system repairs. Because the main purpose of inspection is to increase road safety for all.

Online appointments

Our online booking system is a simple way of making appointments for service, general inspection and repair work.

We can now offer even better service for our customers: You can make online appointments for your vehicle at all Bosch Car Service workshops throughout Germany.

Our service promises

Our service promises
  • Top quality work
  • Genuine spare parts only
  • No broken promises
  • No loss of warranty coverage
  • Transparent costs
  • All brands

General inspection and exhaust emission test

Car with sticker

Every two years cars have to undergo a full obligatory inspection. All the necessary general inspections and exhaust emission tests can be performed at Bosch Car Service workshops. And we will also check your vehicle in advance so that you can have any faults rectified prior to the actual acceptance test.

Guide: Light and Sight

Lighting guide

Incorrectly adjusted or defective lights are a danger both to the driver and all other road users. Our Light and Sight Guide contains important information on correct adjustment of your vehicle lights and how to ensure optimum visibility in road traffic.

Oil change and filter replacement

After 15,000 kilometers at the latest you should have your oil filter replaced and engine oil changed by an expert. Bosch Car Service workshops can perform this work quickly and professionally. This does not only protect your engine against premature wear, you also benefit from all-round service including top quality Bosch products of original equipment standard.

Battery check

Is your car battery always ready for action or does it occasionally need a bit of help? Bosch Car Service workshops will check the condition of your car battery free of charge. And should you ever need a new one, we will be glad to fit it for you and dispose of the old one.

High quality service for your car

Bosch Car Service - the car experts. This is the right address for outstanding service quality for your car. Whether you are looking for advice, repair or service work we can offer the full package - coupled with the unique expertise of Bosch, the world's leading original equipment supplier for virtually all makes.

The experts from Bosch Car Service are fully equipped to deal with the latest automotive technology in vehicles of all makes and keep them in perfect working order. And so your car is always in the best possible hands when you take it to Bosch Car Service for maintenance and repair.

For everything your car needs!

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