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Book winter car checks in time

Before the weather turns cold, our winter check can be relied upon to ensure safe driving in ice and snow. Our experts take a look at the most important components and generally prepare your car for coping with winter conditions. For all vehicle models of any age, state-of-the-art-diagnostic equipment, use of genuine spare parts to OEM standard on replacement.

Don’t wait until cold weather arrives to start looking around for providers of winter car checks. Get your vehicle booked in for a Bosch professional winter check well in advance and know that you are prepared for anything.

Why is a winter car check important?

Winter is a challenging time for cars and drivers alike. Most people have a winter routine like putting together a winter car kit including items such as a blanket and shovel. They may even have a general awareness of the kind of winter maintenance tasks that should be performed. But few would claim to be totally confident or enthusiastic about applying that knowledge. In a way, this is a sensible attitude, since winter preparation is quite a complicated subject. You would need to do quite a bit of research even to cover the basics. Rather than spend time and effort in that way, drivers are increasingly opting to request a winter car check from a professional service provider. A well-equipped organization like Bosch will also be able to carry out a wider range of winter preparation procedures than you could at home.

Winter car check to protect your car

It is a highly frustrating experience to come out to your car on a frosty morning and find that it doesn’t work. Either it won’t start or you can’t clear the windscreen because the sprays are frozen. In addition to the discomfort of messing around in the cold, there is the sheer inconvenience of losing time and missing appointments. And it’s worse still if your car lets you down while you’re away from home. Imagine only discovering once you are out on the road that your radiator has developed a crack and leaked coolant all over the place, causing your engine to overheat.

The simple way to avoid this is to have Bosch Car Service check the whole car over and make sure it is ready for cold conditions. Amongst other things, they will ensure that your vehicle contains the correct antifreeze for the conditions, and in the right quantity, likewise, with screen wash.

A particularly important part of the Bosch Car Service winter car service is the battery check. It is necessary because freezing temperatures have a negative effect on the ability of batteries to deliver power. Specialist equipment is needed in order to check whether your battery is up to the demands of the coming cold season, and that is not the kind of thing most of us have at home. But in Bosch Car Service workshops it is a standard tool.

Winter car check to prevent accidents

There is an even more important reason to let Bosch Car Service carry out a winter car check for you. Frustrating as it is to deal with a car that won’t start, the consequences of having an accident in cold weather are potentially very much more serious. You could be putting your life in danger if you don’t ensure that your car is completely ready for winter weather.

The lights are among the most important items on the Bosch Car Service safety checklist. If you can’t be seen by other motorists, it doesn’t matter how good your driving skills are – you stand a chance of being hit in difficult conditions. There is also the question of how well you are able to see the road without fully functioning lights. Imagine finding yourself driving on a busy road in an increasingly thick fog bank. You turn on your fog lights – the first time you have done so since last year – but they aren’t working. The fog would be like a white wall ahead of you.

Brakes, tyres and many other parts also need to be in good condition for winter. If any checklist item is not up to the demands of winter weather, Bosch Car Service will ask your permission to fit appropriate replacements. Like all materials used by Bosch Car Service, the new parts will be of a high standard and in keeping with the car manufacturer’s specifications.

So, get your diary now, make an appointment with Bosch Car Service, and write the words ‘preparing car for winter’ under the appropriate date.

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“If you take the trouble to treat the rubber seals on the doors and rear lid of your car with a special care stick, you can stop them sticking and being damaged in freezing conditions. Ideal products include talcum powder, glycerine, Vaseline and silicone. Never force a door open if it ever does freeze up, as this could rip the rubber seal and mean having to replace it.”