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First-class car repair and service at Bosch Car Service

Trust us with your car repairs or servicing and enjoy the benefits of having a first-class service centre. The latest equipment and highly qualified staff, professional integrity and the customer’s interests at heart, high-quality replacement parts used.

Bosch Car Service is your reliable partner for all car repairs and servicing work.

Car repairs – Scheduled and regular service and repair

Bosch Car Service not only provides timely auto repair work carried out to exacting standards, but also a range of different service offers to suit different situations.

When it comes to servicing your vehicle, the ideal is to stick to the schedule specified by the manufacturer. That will tell you exactly which jobs need doing and when. However, to keep things simple, we have designed three service packages that you can ask us to perform – either periodically or whenever you complete a certain number of miles. The packages will cover all the needs of your vehicle at any given time, and more.

Our staff not only benefits from the latest equipment and training, but also insists on using replacement parts and materials of the highest standard. In addition, we pride ourselves on our customer focus. That means you can expect careful listening, clear communication and total professional integrity when you trust us with your car repair and service requirements.

Why is a reliable partner for car repairs important?

When your car lets you down or you’ve had an accident, the last thing you need is a repair service that is going to contribute to the inconvenience and anxiety you are already experiencing. On the contrary, you want a partner who will give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem, a trustworthy quote and reliable car fix work, all carried out in a timely fashion so that you are back on the road as quickly as possible. With Bosch Car Service, the car repair partner of choice, that is exactly what you will get.

Contact your local Bosch Car Service workshop now for expert help and advice about car repairs.

Regular servicing packages

Bosch Car Service offers both minor and major services for all vehicle makes and models – petrol and diesel. We also have a 12-month warranty on genuine Bosch parts and a 6-month, 10 000km guarantee on our workmanship.

Service and repair for vehicles under warranty

In the early stages of a car’s life, it is very important to follow the servicing requirements laid down by the manufacturer. That is firstly because checking and maintaining various critical items during this period is absolutely essential for the health of the vehicle. But secondly, the validity of your vehicle’s warranty may well depend on carrying out those tasks in a correct fashion.

However, did you know that you are within your rights to have servicing carried out by a workshop that is not associated with the manufacturer during the warranty period? So long as the work is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, your warranty will remain valid. You can rely on the well-equipped and well-trained workshop staff at Bosch Car Service to carry out this kind of servicing.

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